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Hi, Michael,

One of my beneficiaries said you spoke into his life – you said things no one has ever said before and you helped him understand.

I believe God wants to use you in this hour to speak into people’s lives to bring hope and healing. God uses us to speak to those in darkness, those in chains – and show them a way out. God says if we will open our mouth He will fill it.

People are desperate in this hour. I believe God is looking for those He can speak through. We can’t underestimate the power of God. When we reach out to others – we are tossing them a life preserver. The greatest power is hope.

People need courage to change – they need someone to come alongside them to make the transition. Just one person can make all the difference. Many of the people we see are forgotten people – neglected and abandoned. God has not forgotten them – He loves them – always has – always will.

God will speak through us today to bring hope and healing to wounded souls.

God bless you.



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