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April 3, 2013

Dear Mr. Oden

I’m writing this letter on behalf of the gratitude I’m feeling for all the hope you’ve given me.

As you are aware of the experiences I’ve suffered as a child, because of what happened between m parents, I grew up believing that I was worthless. My issues with abandonment left me in a lot of pain, which later turned into resentments and anger. I truly believed that no one cared, therefore, I didn’t care about myself.

When it came to authority figures there was absolutely no trust within me. I rebelled against society and turned by back on everything that was good. In the end I was lonely and alone. Drugs became my friend. I would medicate myself to keep from facing who I believed I was. I was hopeless, helpless and finally hit my bottom.

That’s when I was introduced to the 12 Steps Program. This program taught me about the process of recovery. It allowed me to become a part of a fellowship with other recovering addicts. The 12-Step Program has given me some tools to fight against my addiction, as well as, as support group I can call upon whenever I need someone to talk too. This is the family I never had, a place where I finally fit in.

But, even with all of that, there was still something missing deep down within me.
Then, Mr. Oden entered into my life! Previously, I mentioned I’ve always had a problem with authority figures. And as far as I was concerned, you were no different. I had prejudged you and I want to apologize for that. I so found out how very, very, wrong I was. At our first meeting you showed me how sincerely concerned you were. I became instantly interested in what you were sharing with me. You explained how I thought of myself as an addict. How that way of thinking was unhealthy and would lead me to behave as an addict. You explained how I needed to get to the root of my feelings, which lead me to using in the first place.

Once I was able to identify these feelings I then understood that what happened between my parents was not my fault. My only fault was carrying that burden and thinking of myself as worthless. My choices reflected my thinking. When I made the choice to use drugs I gave away my freedom to choose a good life for myself. If I consider myself and addict, that’s what I’ll always be.

Today, I am responsible for the live I choose to live. The only problems I have today are the one’s I create by taking responsibilities for the choices I make.
Finally, Mr. Oden, I, have a whole new outlook on myself. I know that I am worthy and today I have hope!! God Bless You!


-Mr. Crosby

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