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Hello Mr. Oden!!

How is everything going with you? I hope you remember me..  I interviewed you a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to thank you again for your time at the interview. Like I said, it surprised me how willing you were to talk to me about your job. It was really a relief to know that not everyone has lost hope when it comes to probationers and that a more than “10% success rate” is actually possible.

I am very interested in the way you are going about helping probationers under proposition 36. The seven step program you have decided to use makes a lot of sense and I would be very interested in being present at any orientations you have about your program and if possible, help you. I really believe that more probation officers should be more like you, interested in actually helping their clients overcome their problems, whether its drugs, alcohol, or any other issue that does not allow them to live at ease with themselves and society. The only way to do this is by showing probationers that there are still people who believe that change is possible. Anyway, I know you must be busy so I’ll let you go for now. Hope to hear from you soon!!! Oh and, by the way, I got an 98/100 on the term paper!   =D

Once again, THANKS!

– Daisy

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