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Reading LeBron James comment about how not having your father in your life has propelled you to do great things and I can applaud that. However, the tone of your message tells me that there is still some frustration in the fact that your dad never showed up to acknowledge your existence, that alone is cause to wonder what might have been. I have worked with tens of thousands of males and 95% of those men-children who were incarcerated were “fatherless child.” The impact of not having a father is critical to the development of a young boy. Lebron, I am glad you are doing something quite different then what your “donor” did. It’s called showing up. I wish all fatherless boys had strength to raise themselves to become men. Unfortunately, most fail. All boys need and want their first ‘Hero,” their Dad. Hence the book I am about to publish called, “When Nobody’s Home…”

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