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When Nobody’s Home

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Due to the drug dependency epidemic in America this book When Nobody’s Home is socially relevant because I discuss what the majority of “self-help,” and “addiction” books do not focus on which is the “origin” of the drug/alcohol use. To me, something starts from somewhere. There is always a beginning point in order for an event, activity, or behavior to move in a linear direction to have a particular outcome. Once that behavior, in this case, is set in motion we need to ask what ‘need” is this individual fulfilling by making the choices to consume illicit drugs/alcohol for an extended period of time. Basically, what is he getting out of his choice to use?

As an expert in communication, human behavior and addiction, I have discovered and uncovered the “truth” behind drug/alcohol dependency. This book will give compelling stories about “why” individuals began to use illicit drugs and the solution(s) that will get them to understand their behavior so they can not only get clean but to be free and at peace.

This book uncovers and reveals the origins of drug dependency through the lives of individuals who have been impacted by drug dependency anywhere from 5 years to 35 years. This book delves into the deep rooted issues of childhood trauma such as abandonment, neglect, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.

Understanding a person’s behavior is to recognize their thinking style. This information has allowed me to understand and communicate with another person’s way of thinking more effectively. I wanted the reader to understand that people have a different skew of the world depending on how they perceive information that is presented to them. This is book is for anyone that wants to understand why people behave and think the way they do.

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Award-Winning Author Michael S. Oden explains The Needs Based Method and how his new book When Nobody’s Home came to life.

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