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Who among us doesn’t know someone who has a Drug & Alcohol abuse issue that is affecting them and their family? As we see in the local or national news or we hear it from a friend or relative that someone you may know has either died of an overdose, enrolled in a residential treatment program, or has started using illicit drugs, but no one is going to bring up the subject of “why it really happened.” With over 24 million Americans being impacted by drugs I wanted to understand the “real why.”

For me, there had to be a logical explanation for someone to get hooked on a behavior that could potentially destroy one’s family, employment, marriage, relationships, health, and one’s life. This book shares the journey I take every day in my work as a compassionate Deputy Probation Officer and counselor who wants emotional freedom for my clients and their families–which is much more than physical sobriety.


April Marks 28th Alcohol Awareness Month

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