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For many of my clients using alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, etc. were all that was needed to numb the fear, emotional pain, and childhood memory of an encounter with a sexual predator. As a younger child, they were vulnerable to the size of the trusted individual who violated them. Fighting back and winning was seldom a viable option.

These particular clients were sexually abused by someone they knew personally, someone they trusted, and someone who was supposed to protect and care for them. It was their mother, father, babysitter, stepmother, stepfather, neighbor, family friend, or relative. Unfortunately, each client held on to an image of helplessness for many years, never confiding in anyone about what was manifesting emotionally inside them. The emotional, social, and behavioral reaction by each client being sexually abused was similar in nature; they all survived by hiding their shame. These clients essentially lost their ability to trust. They were afraid to get close to anyone for fear of having no control in any situation and being abused again. They could not manage close relationships due to trust issues, which affected past and present relationships.

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