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Myths About Drinking Alcohol continues..

Myth 9: Passing out from drinking isn’t that big of a deal.
At one point or another, we’ve likely all heard a frat brother brag about waking up across the quad from last night’s rager — as if passing out was simply a level of intoxication and not a life-threatening situation. “Alcohol poisoning is drinking a sufficient amount of alcohol to suppress the central nervous system so that an individual stops required bodily functions,” says Warren. Reflexes that keep us alive — like coughing, gagging, breathing — can be shut down completely, which can cause death directly, or, as is more common, can cause someone who vomits to inhale the vomit and drown. “People have to know how much they are drinking and make sure they do not put their life at risk,” says Warren.

Teens should understand that drunk driving and prom night don’t mix. In fact, teenager prom drunk driving statistics are frightening…. but preventable by supporting awareness.

Statistics have shown that 60% of teenage deaths in car related accidents are due to alcohol. More so, it still remains to be the number one cause of fatality among teens in their 15 to 20′s. What’s more troubling is that 70% of teenagers drink alcohol. Here are some of the following reasons why teens begin to drink alcohol:

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