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As a therapist, I had the disturbing privilege and honor to witness America’s newly released “Men, Women & Children” and how it captured the behind the scenes look maladaptive behavior in certain situations and also the disconnect of certain caretakers all around the guise of social media. To me, this film gives great insight about the parental neglect (unintentional though it may be in certain situations) or the unawareness and inability of how to meet their child’s social/emotional needs as I have written in my book “When Nobody’s Home.” Such as, being heard, validation, connection, support, acceptance, trust, and respect to name a few.

This film will give a great learning platform for high school students, parents, about how social media can drive family relationships apart if used as an alternative to escape our problems or to compensate for specific problems. The bottom line is about connecting, communicating, valuing and making that person’s existence matter. Talk about family dynamics. And, if that “need” is unable to be met by the caretaker(s) then that individual will look for other means, although tragic, to get that need met.

I observed ex-football player was looking for meaning and purpose. He discovered that there’s more to life then football. His family issue was that his father could only communicate with him through a sporting event not as a human being but as a human doer. Of course, it didn’t help matters when his mother “abandoned” them only to view the engagement on Facebook.

The daughter of the helicopter mom was fighting for independence, trust, choice, identity and self-expression. All she ever wanted to be was her own person and to be able to make her own decisions, while having the trugs of her mother.

The son of the married couple was unable to connect with his parents or with another human on an intimate level due to him being on the internet porn site for much of his adolescent/teenage life. This fantasy world he created has altered his emotional and social wiring and he is, therefore, unable to separate the two worlds which leads to his inability to have a sexual encounter with a human being.

The “anorexic” cheerleader was fighting for acceptance, belonging, and self-worth. To her, losing weight and being thin was the ultimate sacrifice of being accepted by her peers, especially the boy who mentioned her weight a year ago and was now willing to have sex with her. I question what were her family dynamics in the home that propelled her to see herself in such a light.

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