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How does your childhood impact your future? Sure it does, and fatherless children suffer the most.

“When Nobody’s Home” sheds light on how traumatic experiences in childhood may impact ones choice to engage in long term drug/alcohol dependency to meet certain social/emotional needs. I have conducted 8000+ interviews with alcohol and drug offenders for over a 7 year period. The common denominator that I uncovered or discovered with my client’s is that over 90% were either abandoned, abused, or neglected by their paternal caretaker. I also discovered that this behavioral neglect occurred in all ethnicities and socioeconomic classes. This information informed me that if our main caregivers do not meet the majority of our social/emotional needs then the child(victim) will seek other ways to get those needs met, usually in a tragic manner.

“The truth about drug dependency and abuse is that it affects every socioeconomic level, it doesn’t discriminate and “fatherless children” are far more susceptible.” ~Michael S. Oden

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