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What is a need? Most people have no idea of what is a need and if they are lacking it in their life. I will add my piece of information to this interesting puzzle called “emotion.” I see emotion as an indicator light due to the interpretation of that event. The interpretation of that event will either meet or not meet the need the individual which will cause a particular emotion to be experienced. In other words, if a particular “need” is being met or not met in a given moment the individual will interpret (cognitive) that experience in such a way that will cause a particular physical reaction (physiological) due to how the interpretation impacts the individual. Hence, an emotion will arise and we will give the emotion a name such as, happy, sad, angry, hostile, inspired, to name a few.

What is a NEED? (a motivating force for an action to be satisfied) + Unmet or Met Needs = Life Diminishing/Life Affirming Emotions

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