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What is Ego Strength?

Those with little ego strength may feel torn between these competing demands while those with too much ego strength can become too unyielding and rigid. Ego strength helps us maintain emotional stability and cope with internal and external stress.

Weak Ego Strength will wish the situation will vanish. Someone who is fearful of facing the challenge or situation. Those with weak ego-strength view challenges as something to avoid. In many cases, reality can seem too overwhelming to deal with. These individuals struggle to cope in the face of problems, and may try to avoid reality through wishful thinking, substance use and fantasies.

Low ego strength is often characterized by a lack of psychological resilience. In the face of life’s challenges, those with low ego strength may simply give up or break down.

Strong Ego Strength take life for what it is. Being comfortable with being Uncomfortable. The hits do not define you. As a child we develop this as a coping mechanism. You save yourself from emotional abuse. Do not immerse yourself in someone else’s problems.
People with well-developed ego strength tend to share a number of essential characteristics. They tend to be confident in their ability to deal with challenges, and they are good at coming up with solutions to life’s problems. They also tend to have high levels of emotional intelligence and are able to successfully regulate their emotions, even in tough situations.

An individual with solid ego-strength approaches challenges with a sense that he or she can overcome the problem and even grow as a result. By having strong ego-strength, the individual feels that he or she can cope with the problem and find new ways of dealing with struggles.

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