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Mr. Oden is what I would call a man. I had the fortunate opportunity to be his client and I can honestly say, without hesitation, that he had a huge impact on my life. He said somethings to me that opened my eyes and heart to the truth of my “destructive behavior.” He allowed me the opportunity to look, deep, inside myself so that I could begin to understand why I began to do these terrible things to myself for such a long period of time. He began to connect the feelings (emotions) that I experienced (even though I had no idea how to express them) to the need that was not being met at that time. I discovered his method answered a lot of the questions I had about myself. Because of this ensight I will always be grateful.

Wow, so many things to say about my journey with Michael Oden and I don’t really know where to start.

Well, let’s try to start at the beginning:
My two little children and I went through a very hard time with my Ex-husband. My children got physically and mentally abused for many years. Our case became a Children’s Court Case and the judge ordered both parents to do parenting classes and counseling. I was upset “Why would I have to go and see somebody? I’m clearly not the one who has done anything wrong” I saw it as a punishment that turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I will never forget how I met Michael the first time for an “intake” I was well prepared and sent him my court paperwork beforehand so he knows what he has to deal with. I promised myself to be strong and focused on the abuse, I wanted him to give me advice on how to handle the situation and how to help my children. Boy what a first meeting that was! Floods of tears, anger and sadness appeared while I was telling him “my/our” story. It was a very emotional hour for me, telling a “stranger” our so very hurtful story. Michael told me briefly what he will be doing the next couple of weeks and how he will help me strengthening my children and giving me tools on how to communicate with them in a more effective way. He gave me his book and told me my homework would be to read it. I thought by myself “yeah right, have you listen to me the past hour? I have 3 kids, a husband, household, I’m working, and I deal with all the court stuff, how in the world can I read a book now? I haven’t read a book in years!”

Believe it or not, but I read the book in a couple of days, I don’t know why I did that, I think it was me being so curious on how he can help us and what he has to say etc.

My next session became one of the most emotional rollercoaster-days EVER!!! Michael was impressed that I have already read the book and told him right from the beginning. “I love the book and I was very impressed and touched, I couldn’t put it away. BUT I can’t relate to it at all. I don’t have drug problems, I don’t have Daddy issues. My family is amazing and I had the most perfect childhood and my parents are the most amazing people/parents you will ever meet!” Oh boy, was I wrong. But I didn’t see it at that point, I was made aware that my Dad might have not been the most amazing Dad and he did some things that I didn’t like. But so what, nobody is perfect! Still I felt good talking about it.

When I drove home in my Mini Cooper, had the top down and the Music very loud, I was happy and excited and thought to myself I really like going, talking to other people about what’s going on etc. Once I was at home and I went upstairs, something hit me, something all the sudden made think and made me very emotional. I all the sudden couldn’t think straight anymore. I felt like somebody shook me very hard and all my life, which I refer to as a “puzzle” got mixed up/destroyed and I didn’t like that feeling! I was telling my husband “I hate that Michael. What in the world did he do to me? Why do I feel so empty and vulnerable right now?” Shouldn’t he make me feel better? What am I paying for? To feel like this?

Today looking back, this was the day I was “re-born” the day my “Puzzle” broke and got put back together from me. But this time the Puzzle looked totally different.

I had to admit that my “so perfect” Dad had a HUGE impact on me. The way he treated my mother. The way he always kept her below him, all the ideas of what she wanted to become the need she had for finding her own self something my Dad did not want to see. I became my mother, choosing a partner that did the same to me like my Dad did to my Mom. It made me mad and it scared me at the same time to see that if I don’t make the change, I would end up like her and I did not want that!

Working with Michael through this, was an amazing time. I learned so much about myself. I dropped a lot of weight from my shoulders and I feel so FREE! I feel like a dry sponge that wants to suck up all the water possible to get stronger every day.

I like my NEW self, ahhhh what am I saying I LOVE MY NEW ME! I gained so much more confidence, I broke old spells, and I put up boundaries and last but not least, I MADE PEACE with my past so I can move forward.

After only 12 weeks with Michael, I gained so much more confidence that I actually signed up for College. I’m going back to school and I finally want to do something I always wanted to do, but NEVER thought I would ever have the energy, time, money or confidence to do it. I’m reading now every day. I want to learn and educate myself.
I’m excited when Michael gives me “homework” to find out even more about myself, who am I? Why am I choosing this path of life? What makes me who I am?

I can recommend MICHAEL to everybody and if you choose to see him I can only recommend, don’t be scared of your feelings, don’t walk away from the truth, open your mind, listen and learn and you are in for an incredible adventure about yourself! It will hurt, it will make you feel uncomfortable, but the outcome is amazing and so rewarding for yourself and everybody around you!

THANK YOU MICHAEL ODEN FOR GUIDING ME! You are a true gift and I’m so glad that out of the horrible misery we went through something sooooo beautiful came out. I will always be thankful for your guidance and teaching, healing and inspiration you were for me and my family!

Make sure you pass on that knowledge. It can’t die with you! It’s a gift!!!


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