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Dear Mr. Oden

After our second visit I was convinced that you are a very special healer, your clear and concise evaluation of problems buried deep in one’s heart and soul stored away for years (out of sight out of mind) but never dealt with to identify and heal. In years past I have had life coaches who I seemed to counsel and advise more than they helped me. Over the years, I had shrinks, analyst, and psychologist that could not procure me, to get me to share and open up as you have. It appears that you have the ability to identify certain personality traits, habits, and unconscious behaviors. I can tell you are very intuitive.

After I left your office I felt as though a ton of bricks I’ve been carrying around like an albatross was lifted and taken off of me. When I left our session it was like I was walking lighter on my feet. Seriously, I actually wanted to pay you more for the great service you provided me. I appreciate the fact that you are a real person, not the gum shoe by the book hack who hates the people and hates the profession. You took time with me to connect on many social and emotional levels. I look forward learning more about myself and the necessary changes I need to make. I’m sold! I believe you can get the cognitive juices flowing in just about anyone, people like Charles Manson aside. I look forward to working with you to bring your special healing talents and gifts to others.

Once again thank you for allowing me to look at things differently than I’ve looked at throughout my life. Or in my case, I didn’t look at the fact that I have the tendency to sweep my problems under the proverbial rug (out a sight- out a mind). Unless we are willing to face the problem head on and there is a game plan for the treatment of addictions, anxiety, phobias, or any other disorder in need of healing is as a hamster going nowhere in the wheel.

But you have a talent to bring the cream to the surface to identify and treat ones shortcomings. Yes, sir, I believe that you need to share your special gifts with the public. I know you can succeed in the teaching and or instructing others to follow your guidelines to help them help themselves! Brilliant! And so simple.

Thank you, Sincerely, Thank you.

Anonymous client

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