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Are Your Managers Part of the Problem? Is this an HR issue?

The latest survey from Right Management reveals that three out of four organizations lost high-performing employees they did not want to lose during the past year.

Good people will find good opportunities, even in a slow job market. The question is, what’s making them leave?

While many factors can come into play, study after study shows that one of the main reasons people leave a job is their boss. If your managers aren’t able to communicate effectively and build connections with employees, they’re helping push those top performers out the door.

A few questions to consider:

  • What are you doing to avoid being part of the 75% of companies that have lost top talent in the past year?
  • How are you taking care of your top people?
  • Do your managers communicate effectively with each of their direct reports? Do they have the tools and skills to engage employees in a meaningful way?
  • How are you equipping people to be better leaders and managers?

A number of leading organizations are using the Whole Brain® system to give managers an easy-to-apply, practical framework for understanding what different employees pay attention to and how they prefer to think and approach their work. Whole Brain® Thinking skills not only help managers better communicate with their employees, but they also ensure the organization is fully capitalizing on the potential of high performers.

And when top talent is engaged and able to contribute, they’re more likely to stick around than take up the next offer from the competition.

Check out case studies to see how organizations like Cirque du Soleil, IBM, Integ and Cookie Time are making it work for them. Check out our Learning and Thinking style for businesses Identifying your thinking style preferences is only the first step

 High-Performing Employees Are Leaving

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