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Employer’s Assessment Session

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learn. communicate. make decisions.

A personal highly validated self-assessment tool

In this session, we will Identify our Ceo’s needs and recommend the best wellness services for themselves and their team. A personal highly validated self-assessment tool that illustrates and explains the way people prefer to think, learn, communicate, and make decisions.



For leadership

and for


Introduce active listening and the ability to connect with employees.

CEOs can Live the 360 Wellness lifestyle and are authentically committed to health and wellness.

Focus on Member Recruitment and Retention

Employee Engagement

Identifying our members’ needs and recommending the best wellness products or services for themselves and their team.

Employee Retention

New Employee Recruitment

Have a totally different life.

For employees:

As Wellness Support, you will channel your passion for a healthy lifestyle into inspiring members and supporting them at every step of their wellness journey. You will help your team develop healthy habits by moving more, and shifting their mindset. Wellness Support is responsible for building community through both Virtual Workshops and 360 Mindset Connect groups. Research has found that to achieve the highest level of total well-being, wellness must encompass eight mutually interdependent dimensions of wellness.


Emotional wellness


Mental wellness





What they say

Success stories

I have seen Michael speak several times. He engages the audience by asking questions. He provides tools the audience can use. He provides case studies the audience can identify and learn from. I would describe him as a powerful speaker that improves people’s life.

Chella Diaz

As I commence in living a useful and fulfilling life, it is my hope that many others become the recipients of this method of case management.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Michael has strategy, heart, and receptiveness to what it is his clients are going through. He is worth every penny of his session fee.


Michael and Alina’s course addressed daily workplace stressors and how to decompress intense emotions. They taught popular concepts of drug dependencies and its impact on the family dynamics, employment, and relationships; discussing the “Why” of consuming illicit drugs/alcohol as a coping mechanism for an extended period. They correspondingly discussed how repeated exposure to high-stress, life-threatening situations coupled with long hours can turn law enforcement officers toward alcohol in order to decrease stress and manage emotions.

San Joaquin Sheriff

Behavior Change Coaching

Our Coaches help CEOs develop healthy habits they love, moving more, sleeping better, and shifting their mindset. In this position, Final Step Int. Wellness Coach is responsible for coaching leaders in individual virtual sessions toward reaching their wellness goals using The Needs Based Method® program and behavior change techniques. Coaches will form strong online communities via a live virtual experience and digital community and will develop and share wellness content across social platforms.

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