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Michael S. Oden, MA

Founder of Final Step International and The Needs Based Method®.

Michael is a Retired Deputy Probation Officer, Keynote Speaker, Communication and Behavioral Strategist, Personal & Corporate Coach, and award-winning Author.

Michael has been successful at helping men and women transform and improve their personal and professional lives since 1998 with an 85% success rate in behavior shift. He has advanced knowledge about how your communication style, behavior and beliefs impact your performance in your personal life and in the workplace.

This dynamic combination of experiences makes Michael and Alina an exceptional team. Alina’s experience in business management and Michael’s knowledge from the psycho-social behavioral component gives participants a closer look at how their family owned businesses can improve the family dynamic.

By teaching the family how to better communicate with each other, as well as, individual clients, these new tools will improve family relations, reduce conflict, stress, and generate a harmonious work environment.

By offering people practical tools to take with them and to apply this method to any situation will empower those individuals to transform their lives. The Need Based Method® is a cutting edge thinking and communication style process that reduces conflict & connects people to live a purposeful life.