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“The truth about drug dependency and abuse is that it affects every socioeconomic level, it doesn’t discriminate and “fatherless children” are far more susceptible.”

~Michael S. Oden, MA


  • Why do people behave in a certain way?

  • How do childhood events impact our lives when we become adults?

  • What do we need to know now as adults about our own life as a child?

  • Are you ready to uncover the TRUTH?


“When Nobody’s Home” sheds light on how traumatic experiences in childhood may impact one’s choice to engage in risky behaviors to meet certain social/emotional needs. After conducting over 8000 interviews over a 7 year period, I have discovered a common denominator.


This is not specific to any ethnicity or socioeconomic classes.


What is this common denominator?


How is this affecting YOUR life RIGHT NOW?


What steps can you take to move forward to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones?

Incredible Insight And Caring

"In this book, Michael shares information and understanding of others from the inside perspective. All journeys we physically see were started by beliefs and can be altered with a shift in those beliefs. The information shared is a healing for all, even those that didn't use drugs and alcohol to deal with life."



Ron Myers

Great for Personal Growth

"This is book is for anyone that wants to understand why people behave in a certain way. The book was very helpful for me I was able to see some of my parents patterns and some of the things I did as a parent. I tend to be hard on myself, reading this book allowed me to see that things happen for a reason and is about moving forward and having compassion. I feel this book will make a great gift. I highly recommend getting a copy."

Griselda Diaz

A True Page Turner

"This book is a definite must read! I can not put it down. The subjects in this book touch close to home and anyone who has had issues with drugs or has dealt with drug abuse can relate to this reading."




Andrea Lee


For 20 plus years Michael Oden has supervised and interviewed tens of thousands of clients from the Los Angeles metropolitan area who were under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system.


Michael believes in helping individuals who have had behavioral issues and substance dependency for most of their lives. He has dedicated his professional life to championing the belief that gaining understanding and emotional freedom from life diminishing behavior is possible and that shifting childhood trauma or shaming into  adulthood acceptance is necessary for personal growth.


He is a counselor in private practice, business consultant and workshop facilitator for private organizations and law enforcement agencies. He has authored two books “When Nobody’s Home” and “When Nobody’s Home Understanding Human Behavior.” Michael developed a behavior modality method called, The Needs Based Method® and is the founder of Final Step International.


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