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Improve Performance and Results in the Work Environment

During this course, we discuss the 4 Different Thinking and Learning Styles (quadrants) that you use while at work and home.



Managing on the job stress and addiction

In this course, we will address and discuss daily workplace stressors and know when and how to decompress intense emotions and manage their impact.



Substance Abuse and The Role of Family Dynamics

In this course, you will learn, address, and discuss the role of family dynamics/dysfunction and how it is relevant to childhood development, as well as the relationship to drug dependency.



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What Clients are Saying…

Michael and Alina's course addressed daily workplace stressors and how to decompress intense emotions. They taught popular concepts of drug dependencies and its impact on the family dynamics, employment, and relationships; discussing the “Why" of consuming illicit drugs/alcohol as a coping mechanism for an extended period. They correspondingly discussed how repeated exposure to high-stress, life-threatening situations coupled with long hours can turn law enforcement officerstoward alcohol in order to decrease stress and manage emotions..

At the conclusion of the class, approximately 194 officers that attended, identified the impact of on the job stress/trauma to long term drug dependency, were given tools to apply to the healing process for themselves and their families, given a thought process to acquire a new coping mechanism for stress relief, and finally became more familiar with how to identify and recognize an inmate that had mental health deficiencies. The officers said that Michael Oden and Alina Ugas were vastly entertaining and impressively captivating in their presentation of the course material.

San Joaquin Sheriff

Working with Michael through was an amazing time. I learned so much about myself. I dropped a lot of weight from my shoulders and I feel so FREE! I feel like a dry sponge that wants to suck up all the water possible to get stronger every day.

Student at Cal-State Dominguez Hills

Michael Oden’s commitment to helping people overcome self- abusive behavior comes through loud and clear in his presentations. He has the ability to not only keep audiences focused on the problems, but they will also walk away with solutions to put to immediate use.

Allan Colman
Director of Business Development in Los Angeles

Michael is an excellent speaker; he has the gift of presenting complex ideas in very simple, everyday terms and he is also very engaging to his audience members. He comes off as someone that is easy to relate to, he does not put up any barriers.

Chella D.

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