Family Owned Businesses

If you have a family owned business and are looking to improve your communication skills, increase profits, and decrease friction. Then, I would like to show you a way that you can improve your work environment by establishing leadership roles, decreasing friction in the workplace, and learning how to designate responsibility in order to have a free flowing workplace with less friction between the family members.

My name is Michael S. Oden MA, I am the Founder of “Final Step International”.

We are the “only company that makes sense of specific behaviors and situations by using our unique 7 step system. We do something very unique in our industry in that we eliminate many of the problems small family owned businesses incur when making decisions to increase profits, improve communication, and improve employee and customer relations.

We observed that family owned businesses experience communication problems and frustrations they are constantly trying to solve but do not have the skill or mindset to solve the problem. I would like to show you three problems and then show you how to eliminate them. We will show you how to resolve these issues so you can get the results you need to make your business more profitable, decrease friction, or become a better leader.

A family owned business can be complicated if the pieces are not in alignment. Gaining an understanding as to how the pieces fit can make your family owned business more profitable and create a more harmonious work environment. For more information complete our free assessment to see what problems may be hindering the success of your company which you may not be aware of.

Three problems family owned businesses face when trying to better their business, families, or themselves. We will assist you communicate effectively. See below.


Who’s in charge

In a typical family owned business the question arises, “Who is in charge?” This is where the rift between family members surface. How does a FOB determine ‘where does the buck stop’? Certain family members believe they should be in charge. When this pattern of belief continues the majority of FOB will fail because of this power struggle. Complete our free assessment to discover ways to overcome this major hindrance.

Friction between siblings

Conflicts are part of a normal experience for many small start-ups and family-owned businesses. There is tension, ego, blaming between the siblings because one sibling wants what the other sibling has such as: more responsibilities, a title, and more money. Our free assessment will show you how to resolve conflicts between siblings.

What is your role in finger pointing

In an unstructured family owned business a big problem is defining the roles of the family members. Are the roles defined by skill set, birth order, or favoritism? Not having policies and practices put in place will cause your business to self destruct. Our free assessment will provide you answers to putting an end to any finger pointing.

Whose fault is it when there is constant chaos in the inner family circle. Where conflict is not resolved, morale is low, and unable to apply leadership abilities? It’s nobody’s fault. People are unaware of how to understand FOB dynamics or what to even look for. At Final Step we understand having a FOB can be complicated but with the correct information and resources these issues can be resolved. We know that when you are running a family owned business you are trying to find the best solution to these problems. That’s why we have committed ourselves to help you understand and overcome any problems or dilemmas that comes your way.