Individual Coaching

Final Step International is dedicated to delivering outstanding individual and family coaching because it’s an important aspect of developing a happy and fulfilled life.
The relationship built through the process of therapy is the cornerstone to achieving improvements in emotional health and overall wellness.
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7 Step System to Self Discovery, Awareness and Empowerment


Adult Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is, at times, the only opportunity people have to reflect and focus on them self without judgement, shaming or diagnosing.

We make sense of what needs are not being meet that causes you to doubt yourself and not fulfill your potential and be the best you possible. It is a safe space where clients have the privacy to speak about things they would never speak about otherwise.

Individual Coaching May Help You:

  • Improve Communication

  • Get Needs Met

  • Recover from Relationship Break Ups

  • Manage Anger

  • Improve Self Esteem

  • Manage Substance Use or Addiction

  • Improve Work Relationships

  • Break Unhealthy Habits

  • Develop Appropriate Boundaries

  • Improve Work/Life Balance

  • Transition to College

Family Coaching

What makes family coaching powerful is its perspective or framework, which views problems as patterns or systems that need adjusting. Because the focus is taken off of a particular person in the family as the cause of difficulty, family coaching is often referred to as a “needs based method.”


“Family” can be defined as anyone who plays a long-term supportive role in the family business, which may not mean blood relations it can be an in-law working the same business. Family relationships are viewed as important for good mental health, regardless of whether all family members are participating in the coaching. It is an ideal counseling method for helping family members adjust to an immediate family member struggling with an addiction, unwillingness to work the business, or a chaotic situation and it is also extremely helpful for improving overall communication and reducing conflict.

Family Therapy May Help You:

  • Improve Communication

  • Promote Problem Solving

  • Reduce Arguments

  • Strengthen Relationships

  • Reduce Conflict

  • Stop Old Patterns and Cycles

  • Make Positive Change

  • Develop Appropriate Boundaries

  • Strengthen Mutual Respect