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When you hire me to speak, I’ll help your audience make sense of what leaves them feeling stuck in life so that they can shift their behaviors.

Michael S. Oden  MA,
Behavior and Communication Strategist

Michael has studied, interviewed, researched and treated over 10,000 emotionally stunted and chemically dependent clients who experienced childhood trauma such as, neglect, abandonment, physical and emotional abuse, and more. As a Behavior Strategist with Masters in Counseling Psychology, Inspirational Speaker, Award winning Author and Deputy Probation Officer, Michael S. Oden, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Final Step.

Michael has been working with juveniles and adults in Los Angeles County since 1998. During this time Michael became curious about his client’s behavior and wanted to understand why these individuals made the life diminishing choices they did. The one thing Michael uncovered is that the common denominator with each client was that 95% were fatherless children who also suffered from substance dependency and have been emotionally stunted for most of their lives.


This experience motivated Michael to write a book about his experiences titled, “When Nobody’s Home,” a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award in the self-help category and create a psycho-social modality called, “The Needs Based Method®” to assist these client’s gain understanding about the “WHY” of their behavior. Michael’s success rate with this population, due to the Needs Based Method®, is over 85% behavior shift.

Michael’s mission in life is to teach and empower as many people as he can with the experience he has gained over the past 20 years and his treatment method.

Michael Oden offers a unique and uncompromising method that will make sense of any situation in order for you or the organization to change. We do more than find solutions we peel back the layers of experiences that have lead up to the current situation where you or the organization is having the issue and begin dissecting those experiences in order for them not to reappear. This allows you or the organization to make the necessary adjustments for long term growth, improved communication, personal growth, goals, and increased profits.

The Final Step, program will create a better you so you can have a better life! Getting the answer to ‘the problem.’ Pulling down your personal curtain, moving forward and doing something different. Being unafraid to take risks. And that’s only the beginning. We will make sense of your life and you will embrace the ‘new you’ … feeling relieved, fully confident, and filled with hope for a brighter future you deserve. Throughout this process we encourage changes in thinking and behavior that will support a clean and emotionally FREE lifestyle. Behavioral awareness is essential to overall emotional health and wellness.

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