“Michael Oden’s commitment to helping people overcome self- abusive behavior comes through loud and clear in his presentations. He has the ability to not only keep audiences focused on the problems, but they will also walk away with solutions to put to immediate use.”

Dr. Allan Colman
Director of Business Development
The Closers Group

Michael is a dynamic and powerful, yet down to earth speaker who can engage a room of 5 people or 500 people. He adds timely wit and sincerity which personifies his overall charisma.

Professor Gary L. Polk
California State University, Dominguez Hills

I have seen Michael speak several times. He engages the audience by asking questions. He provides tools the audience can use. He provides case studies the audience can identify and learn from. I would describe him as a powerful speaker that improves people’s life.

Chella Diaz

Michael is an excellent speaker; he has the gift of presenting complex ideas in very simple, everyday terms and he is also very engaging to his audience members. He comes off as someone that is easy to relate to, he does not put up any barriers.

Lazaros Papademetropoulos
AC Squared Co. LLP

It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter of reference and recommendation for Mr. Michael S. Oden. He was an “A” student of mine in a master’s degree program course at National University. He was a leader in the class, exemplifying high academic standards as well as personal and professional ethical conduct.


I have remained in contact with him over the years and in 2012 recommended him for a position as an advisory board member for criminal justice at National Polytechnic College in the City of Commerce. He was accepted and provided good leadership examples and recommendations.


I also invited him to be a guest speaker in one of criminal justice classes and his reception from the students was extremely favorable. The academic director suggested inviting him back for several more presentations.


He has also contributed a chapter in my forthcoming book, The ReEvolution of Gangs.


His dedication to the value of education and the professionalization of criminal justice practitioners exceeded the norm, going above and beyond with no expectation of personal gain. I am therefore very pleased to highly recommend Michael Oden for any position in which he would be contributing directly or indirectly to an agency’s educational objectives.

Dale L. June (MA)
Adjunct Professor, National University

It was really a relief to know that not everyone has lost hope when it comes to probationers and that a more than “10% success rate” is actually possible. Result is possible with The Needs Based Method by The Final Step


When I left our session it was like I was walking lighter on my feet. Seriously, I actually wanted to pay you more for the great service you provided me. I appreciate the fact that you are a real person, not the gum shoe by the book hack who hates the people and hates the profession. You took time with me to connect on many social and emotional levels. I look forward to learning more about myself and the necessary changes I need to make.

Anonymous Client

As I commence in living a useful and fulfilling life, it is my hope that many others become the recipients of this method of case management.


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